What’s your craft?

We’ve all seen credits on the end of a film either in the cinema or on a DVD. It’s often daunting looking at just how many people can work on a single project at any one time. Every single person in the credit list has made a contribution to the film, a fingerprint using their technical skill and creativity to really make a film that shines and will be remembered.

This is the major criticism to something called auteur theory, which I’m sure many of you are familiar with. The general point of it is that the auteur or “author” (traditionally the director or film star) had their own personal mark on a film, like a signature.

Cinema has moved on though. The biggest thing in films people should be thinking about the audience while making them. Not simply a case of “catering to the masses” or dumbing down, but also educating and inspiring them. For me. It’s part of the reason I want to make sci-fi (I’m not going to get into the debate about the genre definition, to me, sci-fi is fiction involving technology not currently available). To me, there is nothing more inspirational than looking to the future, its technology, its potential and its problems.

So I’m thinking about the future and consider where I want to be; inspiring people, giving ideas. It’s why I don’t want to limit myself to just direct, edit or scriptwrite.

I do however know the problems with taking on many major roles simultaneously, which is why I would allow anybody else to take on one or more of the major roles such as directing or editing or scripting.

If I did have to do just one role professionally however, it would have to be editing.

What about you guys? Which roles would be a) playing to your strengths, b) you’ve tried before and c) would be the most fun?

Please comment below.


5 Comments on “What’s your craft?”

  1. Emily says:

    You know me, I’d have to be the scriptwriter.

  2. Yellow Scarf says:

    A) Playing to my strengths: Editing, Visual effects, Sound mixing, Directing, acting (a bit)

    B) Tried: Editing, Visual effects, sound mixing, directing, acting (a bit), scriptwriting.

    C) World domination.

    Almost all the scripts I made in college were really half-assed. I could probably do a better job of them now.

    • I have to admit, I’d be intrigued what you’d come up with on more advanced visual effects programs. Same with the sound actually.

      Maybe a project on the cards?

      • Yellow Scarf says:

        I have four projects currently carded in a state of work in progressness.
        They involve lots of lasers.

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