Youtube saturday…

This post, I’m going to cheat. A little. I’m going to show you 5 of my favourite creative projects done by other people.

1. Freddiew’s videos are always very well done. Not only does he post awesome videos on Youtube, but he posts little videos of how he did the videos. Plus the picture quality is always excellent.

2. I’ve been following College Humor for a while, and their quality is also good. Although I do believe that they must have funding behind it. They do all sorts of parody videos, cartoon, live action as well as video-game ones.

3. This group, much like Freddiew, are awesome. The visual effects are amazing and their videos are always professional looking.

4. While not as professional looking as others, their videos usually have a good sense of energy and are more martial arts-like than others.

5. This last one is proper short film. Style is good, the general tones of the film is also good.

As you can see, there’s a lot of talent even just on Youtube. If Habitual Films produced something as good as these videos, I will definitely be pleased. Although the one thing I did notice, there’s a lot of films about guns and killing people…


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