A strong female character

Tonight I went to see Sucker Punch at the cinema. Very action orientated and highly stylised. It was generally a good film. From a production side of things, it was spectacular and from an audience side, it was intriguing and graphically enthralling.

I won’t go in to too much detail, as this is not designed to be a review blog, but a production blog. Overall, it exemplifies many of my points from previous blog posts.

Location, location, location for example talks about how location and such can affect the mood of the film, as well as certain other stylisations. The film illustrated the changes in the worlds with colour grades as well as changes to costumes. The drab, depressing institution had a bluer tint, the whorehouse style one had warmer oranges and the action bits had suitable hues and whatnot.

The world of the institution is suitable gloomy and depressive

Time to face the music discusses the effect of good music in films and how it can add to the emotion and energy. This was definitely true in Sucker Punch. For all of the fighting sequences, you had “girl power”-esque soundtracks, as well as good sound bridges. You knew the character was in essence travelling to the different worlds because of both the worlds changing around her as well as the sound bridges – essential for making a film progress smoothly.

The best of both worlds illustrates the “dos and don’ts” of making video game films and also talks about computer game logic within films. I found this pleasantly surprising in the film. It had similarities to computer games – progressive difficulty, missions based upon completing clear objectives, legions of henchmen to dispose of, a seemingly unlimited amount of ammo and weaponry and also bosses.

Overall, in terms of production values and entertainment value, it’s not going to disappoint. It is distinctly Snyder-ish though. Slower motion shots, strong colour grading, etc.. Not that that’s a bad thing. I like the style.


3 Comments on “Suckers!”

  1. Its funny how Sucker Punch has received such angry feedback, particularly from women. I guess you can see why people might feel its sexist. I personally think Snyder is a master of Kitsch. Maybe unintentionally but…

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