The bells are ringing in the distance

Ah, but how can you crash a wedding if you're already invited?! Bwahahahaha!

Me and my partner have set a date for our wedding. After around 6 years of being engaged, we’re going to tie the knot next year on July 14th.

“Good for you, but what has this got to do with films?” I hear you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya if you let me!

As atheists, we’re not going for the whole traditional wedding malarkey. No, instead, we’re going to do a film themed wedding. Every guest has to dress up as a film character, the cake will be shaped into a clapper board and at the reception and we’ll only play music that has been a part of or inspired by (so on an official soundtrack, but may not have been in the film itself) a film.

So far it’s going to be a modest affair, and we’re going to try and have a budget of £1000 (for the entire thing).

Our vows are going to be slightly tongue in cheek and contain what we will vow to do in the event of a zombie attack. All nice light hearted fun will be had.

Oh, and as for who me and Em are thinking of going as? I will most likely be going as Marty McFly, while Em will go as Alice.

It's going to be one awesome event


4 Comments on “The bells are ringing in the distance”

  1. Tiny Temper says:

    Yay! The Alice photo wasn’t showing on Em’s page. You’re gonna have a fabulous day! It’s your day, do what makes you happy!

    One of my blogging buddies had a Hallowe’en theme – everyone dressed up in gothic costumes and their cake was a kind of haunted house pumpkin cake, decorated with tombstones!

    It almost makes me wanna get married again. Almost… 😉

    • Aww, thanks. 😀

      Hallowe’en theme also sounds like fun. I think it will definitely be more fun and relaxed than a conventional wedding. Probably won’t cost as much either!

  2. Congrats from me and Lisa on finalising the date, and also on the blog. Its looking awesome and you have inspired me to get my ass in gear and finally start work on ours.
    Keep up the good work.

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