First you see it, now you don’t

A visual mistake on Twilight

Every aspect of filmmaking is designed to submerge you in the world of the film. If you see something that wasn’t there in the shot before, and it is inexplicably there afterwards, it destroys the perfect image of the film.

One of the more common film mistakes, other than small plot holes are continuity errors. There’s entire websites devoted to mistakes like these in film, so I won’t provide examples. Well too much anyway.

Sometimes, especially in single camera shoots, there’s often small continuity errors. Actors may do slightly different body languages for different angles, or especially when eating or some other action mixed with dialogue.

Changing hands is an especially abundant continuity error. And yes, that is the lady that plays President Roselyn on Battlestar Galactica

This is the reason you need continuity logging, especially when you have a break in shooting. Most of the time the small background continuity errors can easily be overseen by the viewer. But often people on a film set are far too focused on their role to note the small errors.

A good continuity logger needs to note everything in a scene (mise-en-scene), not just what’s currently on camera (mise-en-shot). Sometimes these can also be edited out, although a director would obviously prefer the best delivery of a line or a action rather than the one that simply had no continuity problems.


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