Portal 2 and the turret of doom!

Portal 2 - eagerly awaited since it's first announcement

Everyone seems to have gone Portal 2 crazy and since I have also been counting down to the release, I thought it might be a good blog subject. I know, I know. It’s a computer game and not a film, so why is it on a film blog? Well let’s see if I can do something about that…

Portal and Portal 2 by their nature are quite solitary experiences. Much like many other games, the main character doesnt speak. In fact the only interaction you have are with GLADos, the turrets and in Portal 2 Wheatley. So how do you make a film with so little interaction?

Habitual Films’s own Unlocked had this very issue. The main spur for Sam is the puzzles themselves. Figuring them out had to be easy enough for the protagonist to be a challenge, but not so tough that the audience gets bored or frustrated.

Sam in Unlocked, played by Tim Hart

This would actually be easier to achieve with Portal over Unlocked, as GLADos is both a source of drama and humour, as well as Wheatley and the turrets (that sounds like a band). In Unlocked, we had just Sam as almost exclusively the only character, leaving nobody for him to bounce off. The rules and lore of Portal would also be something that would keep interest.

Overall, Portal and Portal 2 could actually work as a film, if it were made in the right way. Especially the humour, it would really travel well to film. Of course, another interesting selling point is the Shell is the only human character, meaning you could market it as an all-female cast…

But anyway, back to Portal 2! Wheeee—–


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