Kevin Smith: Director, Editor, Filmmaker

Trying to shift the blame - Kevin Smith is Silent Bob. Sorry Bluntman, you cant keep a secret identity in Hollywood!

One of the most famous cases of a filmmaker making it big is – without a doubt – Kevin Smith. Chances are, you’ve watched one of his films and if you haven’t: where the frak have you been? This man is a genius!

Starting out making Clerks, maxing out all his credit cards to make a film in his spare time that was so good, it won awards at film festivals. Now a recognised name within the Hollywood system, and through his Evening With series of features and his podcast network – he’s also a source of transparency to the system.

His trademarks are the use of specific actors and pool of characters, as well as being known for The Jersey Chronicles films – all are incredibly telling, in that this man knows what he does well and isn’t afraid to keep in those elements while adding new material. He is a true filmmaker, having a hand in every aspect of his films, from it’s conception to editing and marketing. And he came up with and was part of the infamous duo of Jay and Silent Bob – a set of characters that anyone over 20 and under 40 wish they could just hang out with.

His scripts have always been dialogue heavy, much like Tarantino’s scripts. He’s also appeared in cameos in other people’s works. In recent years he’s done Cop Out starring Bruce Willis, Tracey Morgan and Sean William Scott. Before that was Miri Makes a Porno, starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. Basically, he’s a Hollywood star magnet. His film Red State is currently an interesting case, because Smith has decided to screw the film studio he was working with due to how much they wanted to spend on advertising compared to what was spent actually making the film. That’s worth respecting, even to Hollywood haters.

It does seem that he’s had a two-stage career in Hollywood so far, the first using his tried, tested and loved pool of actors/actresses, while the second stage being working with already established, but not recurring actors (at least in his films).

Just looking over at his IMDb profile, you get an image of how much film work he has done over the years. If there’s one dude I would like to be in Hollywood, it would be Smith. With a loyal fanbase and doing what he loves – I’d be ecstatic being even just a fraction as successful as he is.

“No sir, a ten eighty-two is disappearing a dead hooker from Ben Affleck’s trailer.”


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