Youtube…. Err, Ted Saturday!

If you haven't heard of TED, go check out their inspirational lectures

Taking a break from Youtube for a bit, I decided to bring you a selection of videos which demonstrated the raw power of technology that can change films.

Here we have the technology to map a human face and create digital animation. This would be an amazing technology in the future. Think about it, you could literally sell a set of data which could give you access to Hollywood celebrities in your film, without ever meeting them. Of course, they’d have to have certain measures in place…

This is the stuff behind The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s amazing stuff.

Here, JJ Abrams talks about mystery. And his box. Very entertaining.

Now, talking about stunts is Steve Truglia. Talking about the evolution of stunts and how safety is important. Inspiring stuff.

The last video is of James Cameron on visual effects and science fiction.


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