Saturday’s summer sizzlers! (Youtube Saturday)

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

This saturday, I’m going to share my 5 favourite upcoming films of the summer. It’s going to be quite a ride!

Attack the Block, with Joe Cornish directing and Nick Frost starring. Their movies are ALWAYS awesome.

Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan in Green Lantern. I don’t know why, but I always preferred DC Universe…

X-Men: First Class. Admit it, you’re intrigued…

Another Earth. Very Eerie.

All of my favourite westerns have all been non-traditional. WestWorld, Wild Wild West, Back to the Future 3. Now Cowboys and Aliens sets to be included. And with Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig, what can go wrong?!


2 Comments on “Saturday’s summer sizzlers! (Youtube Saturday)”

  1. Kris Greet says:

    Green Lantern looks F**kin awesome!, bit disapointed about the whole CGI suit buts it’s not looking that bad.

    • I don’t mind CGI, so long as they can make it look realistic. Although to be honest, it does look slightly off.

      Hopefully it’ll be fairly unnoticeable. Though it does make me wonder exactly why they chose to do it that way…

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