Confessions of a trekkie

The Next Generation - possibly the most influential science fiction TV show - and there are a LOT out there

So what have I been doing of late? Watching Star Trek. A lot. It’s okay, I know I’ve got an addiction (well, not to the point of dressing up as a starfleet officer, but I know quite a bit about the lore… *ahem*), I’ve managed to get through almost 4 seasons of the Next Generation in the past month (taking a little time out to watch the first season of Chuck also). You might be thinking, how do you have time to run a blog, do filmmaking AND have TV marathons? Well, I don’t. Rule 1 in the Tips for Generating Creativity is to let go of the guilt. I’m not feeling very creative at the moment, so I should just enjoy my time watching what I love. And in the end, it’ll probably make me come up with ideas I never thought of.

But anyway, I’m watching through season 4 at the moment. It’s kinda cool how vast the Star Trek universe is, and yet it keeps coming back to familiar things. In fact a lot of the technologies invoked in Star Trek have been at least attempted to be recreated in real life: teleportation, cloaking, even possibly warp drives. Some of the technologies may be science fiction, even at the moment, Star Trek has done one thing – inspired people.

A schematic for the miranda class nacelle - A lot of work goes into Star Trek, as well as thoughts about it's technologies

But why is it so successful? I think it’s because it’s very positive. Besides the fantastic space battles, there’s a lot of mystery, a lot of exploration and a lot of understanding within Star Trek. I’d like to think that as a species we would become like that, but I can’t say for sure. Another factor is there doesn’t seem to be much poverty – thanks mostly to replicators. Yes, that off-shoot of transporter technology that allows a  lot to be made (not everything, which is in of itself, slightly paradoxical, I would have thought that being able to create materials and substances atom by atom would mean they would be able to recreate anything. Perhaps that’s just a plot device though (and for the technology of the time, it needs them).

Getting on to the concept of stories within Star Trek, there’s always something that has struck me as odd – the fact that most of the problems they face, we also face today, of sorts. It’s the other problems that intrigue me the most – especially the episodes where time is distorted somehow. I’ve always had a soft spot for that, as well as alternate dimensions/realities.

Deep Space 9's Sisko and Dax travel back to Kirk's Enterprise to save the tribbles

Now, while Star Trek has inspired me, I won’t actually even try and add to it’s universe – I don’t see the point in non-canon stories. I would rather use it as inspiration for an original series. Knowing that space is wacky and wonderful (also a fan of Wonders of the Universe and The Universe), it’s not difficult to dream my own adventures in space. And maybe one day, we will just make it out there.

P.S. Also knowing a little bit about physics, can help with understanding the techno-babble the characters say!


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