Groovy music videos (YouTube Saturday) – Part 2

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

And I’m back. Em here for the second – and final part – of this week’s YouTube Saturday. In case you missed Part 1, the music videos here have been chosen because: either a) They have their own narrative b) They’re visually interesting or c) all of the above.

So, without further ado, here’s the rest.

Coffee And TV is performed by Blur and directed by Hammer & Tongs. Apart from being an extremely story driven video, the ending is something quite special. It was part of the album 13.

Walk This Way as performed and covered by Run – D.M.C. with Aerosmith helping out on the cover and video. Why do I like this video? Well, other than being as old as me, it’s the bringing together of two subcultures it represents and it knowingly playing off on that whole stereotypes thing Paul was on about the other day. Part of the album Raising Hell.

Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) is performed by The Offspring and directed by McG. In a way this video has become more interesting as the years have passed, due to the fact that the protagonist in the video would be seen as completely normal by today’s standards. It was part of the album Americana.

Danger! High Voltage is performed by Electric Six, but I am unsure who the director was. It was part of the album Fire. My love for this video is in part based on the fact that I was banned from watching it in my parents house as a teenager as they were afraid of what influence it may have over my younger brother. Naturally, making a video with flashing crotches and boobs taboo in your household just drives interest and its sense of epic-ness. Plus, the interior design for the house is pretty groovy.

Thriller as performed by Michael Jackson and directed by John Landis, is part of the album Thriller. Obviously I couldn’t take a delve into some of my most favourite music videos without touching on this true classic. A short film in of itself, the special effects, make up and choreography are what I most enjoy about this music video. It is 28 years old this and year has yet to be surpassed.

Here ends this weeks YouTube Saturday. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the selection.


2 Comments on “Groovy music videos (YouTube Saturday) – Part 2”

  1. Mr.Oulds says:

    I genuinely think this video is better than Thriller

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