A very rough storyboard - drawn very quickly and completely incomprehensible to anyone but myself!

Storyboards are something that is integral to many productions, especially ones with even the slightest bit of action. It’s often the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways of conveying the angles and action you want to film.

The reason I’m doing a blog about storyboarding? Because I’m about to do storyboarding for my 30 second film, as well as being asked to storyboard Emily‘s graphic novel Displaced (click here to like the facebook page). It’s a task that will overall help to convey the final result. I hope I am up to the task.

I realise that my own art style is far too intricate to be fast (as is needed in pre-production – you want information fast and easy – both to read and to draw), and as such, I will have to be careful as to how much detail I go into. Of course there is a difference between storyboarding for film and graphic novels. The former needs direction for sound, lighting and potentially other directions. The latter also needs to incorporate the position, style and size of the panels – as these will effect the page of the final product.

Concept art that is far too time consuming to be viable as a storyboard, we'll need something simpler

I find myself once again, stuck in pre-production mode. Whilst eager to get on with filming, I do understand, and have even blogged about the need for such detail in pre-production. I will post up the storyboards, either in part or in full of the 30 second film (and allow yourself to download my own template to help you to storyboard yourselves). However, since it’s not strictly my project, I will allow Emily to decide what gets posted up about Displaced.

Oh, and also, I hear scripts for Tim’s Victoriana promotional videos on the horizon. Between last weekend and a month’s time, I will have very little in the way of free time on the weekends. To be honest, I’m kinda looking forward to keeping myself busy, but rest assured, someone will be keeping you entertained with blog posts.

P.S. Also in the middle of designing a new logo for Habitual Films. Watch this space!


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