“I need a hero!”

Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes

We live in a day and age where we have no defined heroes any more. It all becomes a horrible mushy annoying set of grey areas. We lack a world of four colour heroes and villains, filling in with angst and issues, (These did previously exist I admit, but have now slid into the norm).

The children of today have no role models of character, honour and decency. They look to footballers and celebrities who given their scandalous behaviour are made made gods and monsters on the crests of the media sea.

The protagonists of children’s films nowadays are either anti-heroes (Jack Sparrow, Angel & Doctor Who) or not actually people (Lighting McQueen, Woody & WALL-E). They look to the animated friends (like Toy Story or pretty much anything Pixar/Disney make) for the message of how to be good and help others. Which is fine as long as they are getting said lesson. But we need humans to teach these things.

Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. even though they act human, they're still only toys

We lack men and women whom children should look to for a good role models. The Luke Skywalkers (OK scratch that, Han Solo – he was a crook, but an honourable one) and Indiana Jones-like Figures are needing a return to the silver screen. Remember what Indy’s great plan was? Get the artefact back to civilization so all could see and learn from it (an almost socialist attitude when you think about it).

I just realised the two characters I picked are both played by Harrison Ford… XD

That aside, the film protagonists (if human) nowadays tend to have powers and special abilities which set them apart from society (X-men etc). We need our films to show the next generation that you don’t need Eye-lasers and the power of the elements to be noticed and special.

With great power comes great responsibility - But where's the regluar Joe?

Once we’ve established this perhaps we can finally start to get some reality grounded in our kids. Okay, life sucks and we know it. But pull your hidden talents from where they hide and make the world a better place.

Harry Potter wasn’t even a highly skilled Wizard, he just knew how to use magic where it counted most.


One Comment on ““I need a hero!””

  1. Arth says:

    Dude, the Justice League has Batman. He’s a normal joe (with money). And Green Arrow/Red Arrow.
    Hell, just the Bat Family on it’s own!

    For is it not often said in the character biopic bits in the front of Justice League graphics (and it is, i’ve read them):
    Just as Superman is the epitome of all that metahumans aspire to be, Batman is the pinacle of humanity.
    Except in areas of psychology.

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