Youtube Saturday: Moving on

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Dovetailing with the previous post, here’s a few videos showcasing some of the effects you can get with camera movement. I hope you enjoy!

With a sturdy tripod and a lot of time, you can utilise static motion (or to be more precise, having no motion) for some good effects. It’s fairly easy to do as well.

You don’t need to watch all of it to get the benefits of panning, but it allows you to track the motion of things crossing the camera’s view. Also very good for landscape shots, where there seems no end to the amount you want to squeeze onto the screen.

This video details how to do a hitchcockian zoom. It takes practice to get everything right, but when it works, it can really work.

Now, you can’t tell me that wasn’t cool! You didn’t get actual footage from the camera, but you can imagine how awesome it would be. The answer is totally.

A demonstration of the steadicam compared to just general hand-held motion.

Well, now you know what I want for Christmas! Well, actually my birthday is this month. *crosses fingers*


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