The massive video editing extravaganza! – 50 tips! Part 1

There’s a lot to learn about filmmaking, but I would argue that video editing is probably the most complex part of it. So, I’m here to give you a helping hand with 50 video editing tips across the span of a week. I’ve tried to make it as universal as possible, not specifying AVID as the video editing program, but advice that can be applied to virtually any NLE (Non-Linear Editing) program. So here goes tips 1 to 5!

  1. Organisation is key. Pretty basic, but oh-so important. Name everything logically and know where everything is. Not doing this at the start of the project will add time to your editing process and cause other problems ahead. Make life easy for yourself!

    Notice how each bin contains a single type of media

  2. Editing is a lengthy process. Video editing can take quite a while. Shorten it using any means necessary. In a professional setting, time is money. In a non-professional setting, you still want to not have to spend as much time on each project. Don’t make a rod for your own back, as they say.
  3. Back up your work regularly. A simple one, but one that’s true. Don’t always rely on the autosave feature – any step back is a bad step. You don’t want to have to re-open your work and do some more again. Ctrl + S can be a life saver. Also, make sure you know how to save stuff properly. I once thought I’d saved a day’s worth of AVID editing footage. I was wrong. In AVID, to save all your bins, you have to click on the project window before going to save.
  4. Know your settings. You should only import footage at the quality of the output (if possible). There’s no point in importing footage at higher resolution and data rates than you’re actually going to export at. This will slow down your processing power needlessly – something you will need editing videos). Likewise, don’t sacrifice quality just to create a smaller file – you can always encode the final piece into a more efficient codec.
  5. Know the basics of your editing system. You should already know the basics – how to put footage onto the timeline, how to cut footage down, how to export the sequence when complete, etc… Familiarise yourself with the editing program you’re using – don’t rely solely on experiences with older editing programs – sometimes it’s not the same method/set up.

    Notice the timeline - it can be dragged and replaced anywhere you want!

Revisit the site a bit later for tips 6-10!


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