The massive video editing extravaganza! – 50 tips! Part 8

Moving on to tips 36-40.

36. Title tools. Every editing program has them, but they can work differently. Learn how to use it. Try things out. Some of the more advanced editing programs allow you to create 3d titles. They can easily do scrolling credits as well, simply pasting a credits list from a notepad file can make extremely light work of it. Most of the time you can also do things with the individual letters themselves, spinning them around at different times, etc… You can be very creative with them, but it does have a learning curve. Just stick with it.

Titling with Sony Vegas - Drag onto the timeline and then write what you want seen

37. Affecting entire tracks. You can usually assign effects to entire tracks, allowing you to tint an entire sequence (or scene). This isn’t the only effect you can do this to. Any visual effect can be applied, although you usually want some form of colouring or feathering and such. Quick, easy and effective.

38. Saving effects. If you’re working on a special effects heavy film, you can often find yourself using the same effect over and over again. In virtually every editing program, you can store settings for effects, whether you drag the effect to a bin, or just create a new preset for the effect. You can then simply drag and drop the effect onto clips.

39. The joys of cropping. It can be very useful in picture in picture scenarios. You have a video to put into another one, but there’s a border/sections to cut out, etc.. Cropping in this instance is invaluable. Coupled with keyframes, you can also use it to wipe videos across the screen. In fact, you can have a virtual limitless amount of videos wiping and rewiping and such. Kinda cool huh?

The picture in picture effect. While not being cropping in the usual perpendicular sense, it's still effective for style

40. Using sound effects. Sound effects can be a joy to do. Just make sure that you have the sound effects for either the actions happening on-screen or immediately off screen. Having the sound of footsteps that never get acknowledged by the character and don’t actually show up can be distracting. It also implies happenings outside of the main story, not something you want to do. There’s a lot you can do with sound effects, but in general, you want to limit it, telling only as much as you have to.


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