Youtube Saturday: finishing of the editing week

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Since this is editing week at Habitual Films, I have decided to offer a few videos on editing in various programs. Have a gander…

IndyMogul’s editing tips for Final Cut Pro, though most of the advice is applicable to many (if not all) advanced NLE systems. Now, we all remember what NLE stands for? Afterall, I have been using the term all week! 😛

This time, it’s Adobe’s Premiere Pro that gets the love. Although a little slow to start, and fairly basic instructions, it does set out some important points covered in some of this weeks tips, including using title tools, project settings and utilising the timeline.

A fairly basic tutorial on Sony Vegas, detailing how to import and export, some basic cutting functions and marking.

AVID Media Composer is next up, quite an in-depth detail on the various options on how to use the software, ideal for getting things done as quickly as possible, while still being able to do what you need to.

And finally, a good video of tips on how to choose the right video editing software. Not a bad little video, but if you’re looking at something a bit better to do filmmaking and such on, I would stay away from software like Power Director or Magix Movie Edit. Though it will obviously cost more…


One Comment on “Youtube Saturday: finishing of the editing week”

  1. […] edit. You can view my massive video editing extravaganza in the editor’s room. Obviously the better editing programs you’ll be able to do more on, but if you’re doing some simple cutting onto a timeline, […]

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