Comic Caption Sunday! – videogame movie adaptation special!

It's another Comic Caption Sunday!

Press A to continue (or just scroll the page down) to have a look at the entries for this weekend. Remember it’s a videogame movie adaptation, and I’ve kept with some of the standard fare here…

Why with the videogame theme? Well, they’ve always been panned. I even did a blog post about it (it was my second one if I remember correctly), which can be found here: The Best of Both Worlds.

On the whole, I do feel that Mortal Kombat (the original film at least) was actually quite good. Same with the Silent Hill movie – though I tried and succeeded in getting over the fact it was actually a mashup of several of the Silent Hill series. I still to this day don’t understand how it only got a 15 rating. The first Resident Evil movie was also quite good, even if it didn’t really follow the games that much. I haven’t actually seen Mario Bros since I was 10 or so, though I still love playing the games.


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