Just in case you were unsure – I didn’t hate the Green Lantern film (via My Not So Fictional Life)

Emily King clarifies her feelings on the Green Lantern film. I feel pretty much the same way – the cut of the film from the cinema had holes in it, which I hope get filled when the DVD release comes out with more footage. The hole such as, “how did Hal Jordan know about the plan to use that power source?”

Just in case you were unsure - I didn't hate the Green Lantern film  I don’t. Maybe in my look at Green Lantern last week it did sound as if I found the film to have hardly any merit. But it is fun to watch. It is not as appalling as Transformers 2, but it’s not quite as good as the recent X-Men: First Class. I can’t really watch anything these days without a part of my thought processes analysing the scriptwriting, direction and editing behind a text. I’ll occasionally dwell on the quality of the acting too. Anot … Read More

via My Not So Fictional Life


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