Youtube Saturday – Sci-Fi Makeup tutorials

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

This weeks Youtube Saturday involves practical demonstrations for various makeup effects.

This video is a good demonstration of creating a good zombie effect. It looks a little time consuming, but overall you get what you put in. If you go cheap and nasty, you get cheap and nasty. If you put the effort in to the details, you’ll come out with something good.

This video details how to make an alien hand. While not makeup in the “put on your face” kind, it’s still a good tutorial in general.

This tutorial is about creating general scarring on the face. It may seem like you need a lot of equipment, and I was certainly taken aback by the use of that gun, but I couldn’t see why you couldn’t use another similar substance and apply it similarly. The creation of a line is also good, as the scar needs to make sense, and straight(ish) lines would definitely make sense.

Going back into the non-facial side of the makeup, this shows you how to recreate tendons on a limb. It take a little bit of editing to do as well, but it’s actually a fairly cheap and effective way of doing the effect.

This one is a long, but very good tutorial on making a ripped open skin, with muscle makeup. The level of detail is actually quite good, certainly not really justifiable on the video, because of  the auto adjusting and the light levels.

Bonus video:

Just because I realise most of the viewers wouldn’t know the first thing about makeup, if you did like some of the videos above, it would be an idea to at least get the basics of makeup, so I included this video which talks about the different kinds of makeups and what they’re used for.


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