Chest of Wonder

A tastefully done sex scene in Mass Effect

Now this could be taken badly as a subject matter. The ladies bosom is a thing of great discussion. Be it regarding the nature of breast cancer to the lads talking about the barmaid down at the Winchester Arms with the big breasts.

But this does raise a good point about how does one relate this to film with out it become tawdry and crude.

So I shall try.

Use of the female form can be used in many ways on screen, here I address a selection.

Cheap Thrills: You’re a fifteen year old boy and somehow you’ve  acquired the film classic Emmanuelle. You watch it in all it’s soft-core glory. The lithe form of Sylvia Kristel’s  on screen. Then the next day you’re boasting to your mates about how awesome it was.  A small part of you has grown and died at the same time. It wasn’t  satisfying at all, it has just lead you to want more.

The cover of Emmanuelle

Fetishism: Also known as Mastofact. This is the act of sexual attraction to the mammary area. This may also incorporate exhibitionism in some respects.

A distraction for a weak plot: Long drawn out story, not much goes on, suddenly a sex scene begins or the heroine has her clothes stripped off. The viewer is drawn in again (mostly in the hope some more action). Weak plot overridden by a cheap excuse for nudity.

Fan-service: Mainstay of anime and such. The large chested lady antagonist/protagonist merrily bounces onto the scene and everyone has a small smile. I could try and name some anime which include this but I’d need another internet to finish the list…

Fan service in anime

Demeaning: The act of female nudity as a tool for humiliation. This may be intentional for purposes of sexual gratification or for a villain to make the  heroine/victim become lesser. Either way, not nice.

Presuming the audience consists of straight male viewers: We live in a world of many different kinds of people now. As part of the film community, we should cater for them all.

I Love You Phillip Morris - a touching film that isn't afraid to show two men kissing, or even having sex

Unrealistic Body Definition: This is a very large problem in this day and age. We now have a society that says size 0 (or 4 if you live in the UK, where Habitual Films is based) is what we should all be and if you are not, you are a mutant. It’s unfair and heinously bad for self-esteem (talking from experience as the larger cuddly figure).

Pornography has not helped this case as impressionable young people can now access this far easier than 10 years ago and while people are rutting away, they feel inadequate as all the people having sex are all beautiful, thin and with ‘perfect’ breasts. They forget these people being filmed at the best possible angles and more than likely have had some surgery done. This of course leads to the unrealistic expectations of genitalia and a skewed world view.

So let the female form be seen on our screens, just make it tasteful, relevant to the plot and not the main reason for seeing the film.

[Editorial note: The views of this post do not necessarily reflect the views of Habitual Films as a whole.]


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