Not feeling creative?

Often you might come across writer’s block, or lethargy in general when you need/want to be creative. But what happens when this goes on for too long? It can be really problematic. Now I’ve done 10 tips for generating creativity before (which can be found here [click me]) Here, I’ll discuss 5 things that can help you get into the creative mood:

1. Exercise. Exercise can be a major factor in mood. If you’ve been down lately, been apathetic, depressed, etc.. Do some exercise. Go for a walk, or run. Go for a bike ride. Heck, even do some weights. Because exercise releases endorphins which can give a major uplift for your mood. This in turn helps you to get back to normal and get creative again. You don’t need full on equipment, just go out for a jog. Use in conjunction with this next tip.

Exercise to release endorphins - endorphins are your friends!

2. Listen to music. As an art form, music is designed to evoke emotions. Whether good or bad, emotions can drive us. Emotions can inspire us. You can heighten your sense of creativity by closing your eyes (obviously not suitable if used in conjunction with the tip above) – allowing the music to generate imagery which you can build upon. The music can be anything, although do remember that music can effect your general mood – having a varied playlist may cause uneven work.

3. Tiredness. In my experience, coffee is not a substitute for sleep – no matter what anyone says. If you’re tired, all coffee may do is make you stay up longer and be more cranky – but not more imaginative. The best and only thing to do is sleep. Sleep, even for only half an hour – just to refresh yourself. I just did, and am feeling far more refreshed. Sleeping is also a marvellous way of dealing with stress. There are a few more ways of dealing with stress, but I won’t go into those.

No amount of coffee can replace actual sleep

4. Change location. Cabin fever can be a very bad thing for creativity. Being in the same location day in-day out prevents you from thinking outside of the box. The best way to combat this is to get outside. Head off into town, the park, etc.. Unfamiliar settings and even familiar ones that you haven’t been to in a while can really help. Look around at the decor, look around at the people, try a story exercise. For example, imagine there’s a killer in the room. Now, which person is most likely to be it? Which person is likely to be the victim? Create back stories for the people there (obviously, it doesn’t matter how true they are, the aim is to get the imagination going). What would the killer use in the room in order to achieve the murder? This can be adapted to suit whatever genre you’re writing.

5. Practice makes perfect. The overall best way of getting in the creative mood is to make it a habit. Any small time you’re waiting and have nothing to do, chip away at that idea. Carry a notebook with you, just to jot these down. Even while brushing your teeth, or going to the bathroom there’s a few moments where you can work or rework an idea. If you do this, it’ll become second nature to be able to sit down and focus, especially when you have an idea that you get excited about, this excitement can keep you going. Just remember though, keep the momentum going. There’s nothing worse than having a great idea and getting stuck on technicalities. If you’re having trouble solving a problem in the story, skip the problem for a while. You may end up coming up with a solution anyway.

This led to the creation of lolcats...

So, there you go. Go forth, and think!


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