Youtube Satra… Wait, let me try that again…

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Today’s Youtube Saturday will be on bloopers (or gag-reels if you prefer). I do intend on making a blog post about bloopers, so I will not talk about them too much. Overall most films have a gag reel, but some of them aren’t that great. Here’s a list of 5 from youtube that I liked. Feel free to share some of your own.

I know a lot of people didn’t like Star Trek X (I loved it), but even they should find some of these actually quite funny. It’s interesting how much exercise they seem to do on set – I’ve always seen Star Trek as a fairly motionless series (brief explanation here, mystery there, walk here, beam there – there’s not usually much jumping around, or full on exercise outside of Klingon hand to hand combat), so I suppose it’s kind of fitting that they do their exercise when not filming proper takes…

Firefly was an underrated series. That’s a given. But it does look like it was amazing fun onset. The shenanigans that Nathan Fillion does are priceless.

I’m not a massive fan of Star Wars personally, and I know the prequels are hated with a passion, but even Lucas’ lot seem to have a lot of fun making films. Oh, and the thing we learnt from this video? Hayden Christensen falls down. A lot.

Farscape was an incredibly enjoyable series. Looks amazingly fun behind the scenes.

This one isn’t official, but it does show a lot of funny bits. It’s another Star Trek one, but this time with Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager.

So there you have it. Bloopers can show just how much fun filmmaking and even TV series making can be.


3 Comments on “Youtube Satra… Wait, let me try that again…”

  1. krisgreet says:

    Check out any Jim Carrey film blooper reel from Liar Liar to Bruce Almight. Hilarious stuff

  2. […] yourself for bloopers, or you can read last weeks youtube saturday on this very subject here: Click me! But I’ve found few if any bloopers for horror films, thrillers, etc… […]

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