A weekend to forget!

The infamous scene from Office Space sums up how I recently feel about computers

I apologise for the lack of Comic Caption Sunday, this was down to the weekend. Let me explain…

My main computer (which I have AVID installed upon) started to go wrong. Everything I tried to remedy the situation only made it worse, to the extent where I literally had to reinstall my entire system. But this is just the beginning of the story.

Unfortunately, the computer went so wrong that I was unable to boot up explorer.exe. Now, some of you may be asking what this is. I know a fair amount about regular computer usage, but vitually nothing about programming, software, operating systems, etc… So what this basically means is that the main program that will allow you to do everything – access desktop icons, access the start menu, navigating through the computer’s files – went kaput. This also had the side effect of not being able to deactivate software. Many of you won’t have a problem with this – not too much cannot simply be reinstalled, but some softwares like AVID and Final Draft do (because they don’t like you putting it on every machine you find! Or even worse, uploading the software and all the codes for someone else to have professional software without the professional price).

AVID's logo - I'm very familiar with this right now!

So what did this mean then? Well, it meant that I had to format everything – start again from scratch. Reinstalling many things – until I eventually got around to reinstalling AVID. Now, this would have been a problem had it not been for a fantastic AVID representative named Marianna. If you have ANY trouble with AVID, she’s the person to talk to. On her end, she was able to deactivate AVID so that I could reactivate it once it was installed.

But that wasn’t the end of my woes. Oh no! You see, something went wrong. When booting up AVID, it would freeze at a particular place – Initialising Audio. Now, I researched this problem and it seems to be a common thing. First I tried uninstalling Internet Explorer 8 (or disabling it, since it’s a Windows 7 “feature”). That didn’t work – but it would for a lot of other people. The next thing is checking through Windows Updates (which it’s recommended that you don’t allow them to auto install. Nope, no sign of problems there. I even went so far as to run through my Audigy Sound Blaster disk (which caused a blue screen problem – followed by boot up errors – though thankfully Startup Repair was able to fix). Once I could actually boot up back into regular windows again, the problem still wasn’t fixed. But at least it booted up to where I was originally!

So, looking through more advice on solving the problem, I came across the suggestion of uninstalling DigiDesign Drivers. I did, and it actually worked! Though I was warned of the lack of Audio Suite features, I actually installed another standalone version of some DigiDesign ones for Pro Tools – and it seems to be running fine. I’ve even managed to get more features actually working right with the Audio Suite (such as the Pitch Shifting and the Time Shifting, which raises the pitch of the audio for the former and the time for the latter).

AVID's Audio Suite plugins. Yes, you can even reverse the sound!

But the best part of it all? At 11.30 on the Sunday night, I managed to get AVID working again. I plugged in the 2tb external HDD into the computer (I always save all AVID Media Composer files to this drive) and the project I was nearing the end of played fine! I have to say though, I’d bought the Scott Pilgrim soundtracks (there’s 2 for the film) on the Thursday – the day before it happened – from Amazon’s MP3 download section. It was lucky I stuck it straight onto my MP3 player, because after a little research I found that you cannot re-download MP3’s bought from their store.

So the moral of the story here: Back Stuff Up!

Oh, and on a side note: I’ve recieved my 7″ HD field monitor! And I thought mondays were meant to be horrible…

Oh, and I’ll make up for the lack of Comic Caption Sunday. Somehow…


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