Have a gander at Ira Glass talking about storytelling

A man of inspiration to storytellers everywhere

So, I was checking through my incoming Tweets this morning when the lovely DeeNuke linked to a video on Vimeo that was based on a two year old video of Ira Glass talking about how you refine your craft as a storyteller. And here’s the thing – no one starts off as super awesome.

And remember, if something you write just doesn’t seem as good as it could be the first time round, redraft it. Play around with it. Shake it up more than a little. You won’t be able to get past the insecurity surrounding your writing unless you can safely say to yourself, “Well, I’ve redrafted it some three or four times now, it must be getting somewhere.”

If an idea or a concept isn’t really working out for you, go and work on something else. You may find that by working on a new project you’ll acquire new skills and experiences that will allow you to go back to past creative works and refine them further.


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