Youtube Saturday: Close encounters with an anal probe

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Due to Emily’s recent adventures with a Close Encounter, as well as new Super 8 in the cinema, we’ve decided the theme of this week’s Youtube Saturday should be aliens. Aliens come in all shapes and sizes in media texts, but few have been so successful with their efforts as Steven Speilberg. He manages to draw in audiences that wouldn’t ordinarily touch aliens or science fiction (S/F, speculative fiction if you want to get pinnickity). So we start off with the inspiration for this Youtube Saturday first: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

This is one of many trailers on YouTube. What’s there to say – it a Speilberg production and he has a midas touch when it comes to filmmaking.

Now, British born Director Ridley Scott’s Aliens. Once again, a classic of the S/F genre. Also probably one of the more commercially successful horror films outside of the slasher sub genre. Plus, a classic example of a character cast without a strict gender in mind.

Next, it’s Independence Day. Another classic that attracted audiences that wouldn’t ordinarily go for S/F. This is a very nineties trailer, with deep orchestra music to signify the severity of what’s happening, with the voice over at the beginning saying what Will Smith is currently doing, etc.. Good stuff.

E.T is another classic. It’s also directed by Spielberg, but I chose this particular trailer because of Spielberg’s pattern of going back to his old films and upgrading them, graphically and audiologically (I know, that’s not even a word, but it still makes sense!).

Undead? What’s a zombie film doing on a list about Aliens? Well, that would be spoiling, wouldn’t it! It’s a complete contrast to the films above, not just being unknown, but also from another continent completely! It’s worth a watch though.


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