Comic Caption Sunday – A Steam Punk Special!

It's another Comic Caption Sunday!

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of editing for Tim’s Victoriana trailer. It’s coming along well. You can view the Victoriana facebook group here:

However, this is just the inspiration over these next five images. Feel free to comment, vote, repost, etc… Oh, and before I get loads of people saying “…isn’t steampunk”, I’m using Em’s definition, which is technology being out of place with the world upon which it is set. Not specifically victorian, not specifically steam-based technology. Just the concept. Don’t like it? Complain in the comments section! 😛


One Comment on “Comic Caption Sunday – A Steam Punk Special!”

  1. I believe that the technical term for out of place technology is anachronism.
    so yes, we all like anachropunk!
    Steampunk is usually defined as the technology of the Victorian era taken to extremes, but without the later advances. So steam is the primary motivating force for everything, hence steampunk.
    My personal favourite is dieselpunk. That’s ww1-ww2 technology to the extreme. It’s just cool. And marginally more believable than steampunk.
    Fallout is often described as (Keyword for the 50’s)-punk. Agree? Can you think of this keyword?

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