Youtube Saturday – Documentary advice

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Documentaries aren’t something I talk about often. I used to really love documentaries (I still do to an extent), but I pretty much burnt out the subject for a while when doing my film course. It’s a form of filmmaking which is especially unique. In regular documentaries (i.e. not mockumentaries) you’re telling a real story rather than fiction. You’re usually telling the story in such a way as the viewer is made to realise they are watching a film due to the unhidden editing (using photos, documents, interviews, basically not having a fourth wall).

But anyway, this post is about creating a documentary. So here’s the videos and advice:

Researching the Story

The Approach

Funding: The Fundraising Plan

Funding: The Pitch

The Demo Reel


Working with Crews

So there you go. Doing a documentary is about something you love or at the least are interested in, and documentaries can be made inexpensively. But if you’re actually after doing it for television or other commercial purposes, it’s good to know there’s advice out there to help you.


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