Unpopular Opinions – The Matrix Reloaded was good!

The Matrix Reloaded - Opinions may vary!


It’s often the case where not everyone agrees. It can be tough to admit you actually like something when everyone else seems to hate it with a passion, but we all have opinions and all of them differ. People need to accept that. I’ve found that talking to many people about The Matrix Trilogy, there’s a lot of people that didn’t like the second film. I actually love the second film and am going to try to justify myself here.

The Animatrix - a collection of shorts set in the world of The Matrix

Before going to see it at the cinema, I bought and played through Enter The Matrix on Gamecube. The and I saw the Animatrix, so I had my dose of coolness and actually seen scenes within the film already, making the experience that much richer.

The Animatrix – An awesome collection of shorts, ranging from the epic rise of the machines, the final flight of the Osiris – the ship which was destroyed bringing the warning of an impending attack to Zion as well as a few shorts about a man that ran so fast he literally broke the Matrix’s grasp over him and the young guy who actually made himself believe the world wasn’t real and got himself out of the Matrix.

A "Cheeky" fight in the Final Flight of the Osiris - a short done by the people who made Final Fantasy Spirits Within

Enter The Matrix – This ties up some of the questions surrounding Niobe and her second in command – Ghost. It also had a nice side game of hacking.

Now here's a character you'll struggel to recognise - Sparks. He has a LOT more face time on Enter the Matrix

These tie-ins makes the world of the Matrix just that much more richer. It fleshes out more details and questions surrounding the world. There’s nothing I hate more than a brilliant idea confined to a single (usually between 90-120 minute) film and not expanded on.

Moving onto the effects – which are still really jaw dropping, even today (for the most part). Specifically the car chase scenes, culminating in the eventual rescue of Morpheus and the Key Maker in the explosive collision of the two massive trucks. The computer generated Neo in the burly brawl didn’t really work as well. Though the sequence was still amazingly spectacular.

The Burly Brawl - a scene where the CGI wasn't quite there...

The music too really suited the film – especially the tracks by Rob Dougan and Don Davis. They held an orchestral sense about them, with the grandness of the massive film it is, coupled with the energy and sense of emergency which kept you on the edge of the seat. I’m even playing the soundtrack on winamp as I write this post! It’s fantastic!

But the one really good thing I love about this film – it’s comments on the idea of choice versus destiny. The matrix is a computer simulation where every outcome is calculated. It makes ultimate sense that in this world, there is no choice. It’s so successful that Zion was destroyed 6 times before. Systematic errors still come into existence despite both human struggles and machine based calculations. The fact that a hero (Neo) has a choice between 2 unheroic acts – to take the deal the architect offers – the destruction of Zion in exchange for a chance to rebuild it – using selected people – or selfishly save Trinity and allow Zion and the human race to be doomed.

Neo comes face to face with The Matrix's creator

But I digress, the point I like with this film – everythings been done before, everything’s happened before. People believe they’re choosing, etching out their own future, as though they control it. They don’t. It’s not even a roll of the dice. It’s just a list of unseen variables. A chain of events that cannot be stopped (because it cannot be seen).

That’s not to say there isn’t any inherent errors with the film – the more complex you have something, the more room for error there is. Say for example – I like the idea of everything being controlled by separate programs. It makes it very interesting and unique, but by the same token, if everything takes a separate program to run, doesn’t that make the world even more convoluted than before? It’s not like the people inside the Matrix have experienced anything outside of it – therefore it’s a waste of energy to create and sustain programs for (say for example) cats. The Matrix could still work with an extremely trimmed down version of reality.

Anyway, I don’t think I should go into any more details, but as you gather I do like Matrix Reloaded – it answered so much. The third one, I didn’t think too much of, but then doing the whole Christ parable was not really to my taste. I preferred the ending to The Path of Neo to be honest…

Warning: SPOILERS!



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