Comic Caption Sunday – The next day

It's another Comic Caption Sunday!

Apologies once again for the lateness of this post. Once again, it’s a Comic Caption Sunday – brought to you on Monday. Unfortunately the working monkeys required the Sunday off, and since they unionised, my hands are tied. But thankfully they have managed to bag a selection of Johnny Depp captions with them. Huzzah!

Ah well. As you can gather, I’ve had trouble keeping up with the post-per-day routine that I’ve been striving for, so excuse me if you don’t see as many posts as usual for the moment. I’ll endeavour to employ more worker monkeys.

Anyway, on with the show (as they say). Once again we have a selection and a poll. Go ahead, vote. Even if you don’t in the general election (to be fair, my polls are far more interesting anyway), vote on this issue: Which is the funniest?!

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