Hollywood and 9/11

The heroes of 9/11

9/11 has become synonymous with being one of the greatest atrocities the world has ever seen. In talking with people I have likened it to being the Pearl Harbour of my generation which is true in many respects. I don’t think I can name one single thing prior to 9/11 that sticks in my mind as much as of this. There certainly are out there such as Oklahoma and Bali bombings but not of something of this magnitude and of this significance. I have a very personal connection to the USA, I have family out in New Jersey across the river from New York. I have visited New York twice and was there one year prior to that fateful day. I’ve seen what those magnificent buildings looked like and feel saddened that I will never see them when I visit next.

The cover for oliver Stone's World Trade Centre

I think that Hollywood has sort of stayed away from the subject of 9/11. To my own knowledge there have only been two scripted films about that day. Paul Greengrass’s excellent United 93 which showed the strength of human spirt and character can overcome the most deadly obstacles even with the most saddest of endings. Oliver Stone’s severely underrated World Trade Centre showed the strength of mankind’s will to survive under the most extreme of circumstances. There have been countless documentaries focused on both the good and bad sides of this day.

There are even a few movies currently being planned but they seem to be more focused on Osama Bin Laden and his death. Yes this was a great moment when they finally caught him but why waste the time on someone as evil as him when you could be doing something on the four hundred brave firemen, police officers and EMT’s who went above and beyond the call of duty that fateful September day. Even something about the people inside the buildings who sacrificed their lives so others could make it out of the doomed buildings.

Hollywood seems more focused on doing something based around the response to 9/11 than actually tackling the events of that day. I know it’s a tough call to make but I believe that now is the time. Next week we will be ten years removed from September 11th. I think enough time has passed that we can slowly start to show what happened that day. Don’t show what happened after or before, show how bravery, courage, kindness, determination and the will to live shone through that terrible dust cloud that engulfed New York to lighten it’s darkest hour. I believe that would be the true way to honour those who perished that September morning. It could even be a way to inspire people in today’s world which changed after 9/11. We must never forget the people who were lost that day, I feel that the politics always seem to overshadow the real heroes of 9/11. It is something that must be corrected.

I leave you with some links to the mentioned films above and some documentaries that I recommend.

United 93


World Trade Center


America 911


This one is probably the best one I saw. It started as two documentary filmmakers were making a documentary about a probationary FDNY fireman and actually caught what happened that day and were inside the building.



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