Paul Blewitt: Bio

Name: Paul Blewitt

Roles: Director, Producer, Editor, Writer, Cameraman, Lighting Technician, Foley Artist and Sound Editor

Favourite Director: Kevin Smith/Edgar Wright (currently)

Previous work: I’ve done several different projects at University College Falmouth. On my own, I’ve worked on Consolidating as Writer, Director, Editor, Lighting technician and Cameraman. On Boytoy Beta, I worked as Writer, Director, Editor, Foley Artist and Sound Editor. Unlocked, I was Co-Writer, Director, Producer, Cameraman and Editor.

Personal Goals: I want to advance my skills as a filmmaker, in all areas. Eventually, I want to turn Habitual Films into a non-zero budget film studio. Each film I create, I want to have some kind of effects – I’ll do drama, but I want to do something more special-effects challenging.

A little about me: I was born in Birmingham, although moved to Cornwall at the age of 10. I have collected films and TV series since I can remember. I’m a film buff who can usually recognise a lot of people in films (there’s been many, many a time when I’ve jumped out of my seat and shouted “It’s her from ____”). I’ve been to University College Falmouth doing Film Studies (2009) for which I received a 2:2. Being more interested in the practical side of filmmaking, I acquired a lot of production equipment in the hopes of training and producing high quality films.


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