Arthur Spear: Bio

Name: Arthur Spear.

Roles: Actor, Director, Camerman, Editor, Writer, Visual and Audio special effects and animator.

Favourite Writers: Niel Gaiman, Anne McAffery, Arthur C Clarke.

Previous Work: Actor in Consolidating, Boytoy Beta, and lots of projects in college that are probably best forgotten.

Personal Goals: In terms of film, create a pilot for the science fiction script I have had brewing for a few years, do a comedy series with Tim, and be Doctor Who (Or an assitant. Or Dalek operator).
Other media goals include hosting a radio talkshow, and writing numerous comics and children’s books, finishing my poetry anthology, and getting my band going properly.

A little about me: Born with half-cornish and half-cockney ancestry. I started on the technical side, acting as a sound technician for a production of Grease in secondary school. I studied media at college, filming and appearing in numerous silly, funny, and occasionally downright bad shorts for various projects and assignments, my own projects mixing animation with live action, including what is probably one of the earliest uses of Machinima. I was also involved in the running of the college radio station at the time, and acted as the vision mixer during our live TV projects. I studied Animation at university level, but was unable to complete the course for financial reasons. Since then, I have organised a trans-continental alternative culture podcast series named ASIS that lasted for 5 episodes before different timezones and other presures got the better of the cast. I have played live music for the past 5 years, performing at local festivals with (and in) folk bands such as the Ransome Crawlers, Frontier, and The Barbarellas. I performed in a Samba band by the name of Penrythm for a few years, eventually leading the band for several live performances. I have also performed live with a small ongoing folk/funk/experimental electronica project called The Art of Wobbly. I then joined Habitual Films. I have a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, and I spend my days as a Librarian.


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