Youtube Saturday: Getting later

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Once again, we bring a late edition of the weekend specials, and for that I can only apologise. So there you are.

But anyway, I am inspired to post some videos of a more technical nature.

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Hollywood and 9/11

The heroes of 9/11

9/11 has become synonymous with being one of the greatest atrocities the world has ever seen. In talking with people I have likened it to being the Pearl Harbour of my generation which is true in many respects. I don’t think I can name one single thing prior to 9/11 that sticks in my mind as much as of this. There certainly are out there such as Oklahoma and Bali bombings but not of something of this magnitude and of this significance. I have a very personal connection to the USA, I have family out in New Jersey across the river from New York. I have visited New York twice and was there one year prior to that fateful day. I’ve seen what those magnificent buildings looked like and feel saddened that I will never see them when I visit next.

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GEEK! The Musical – Part 2

An awesome film, with sadistic dentist, an unlikely couple and a villain that would happily eat vegitarians!

Leading on from the blog post earlier today, is GEEK! The Musical part 2. Musicals aren’t often associated with geekdom, in fact many of them are targeted solely and specifically at women. Others are very much accessible to other groups, such as Little Shop of Horrors. Some are not even available on DVD (Yes, I’m referring to the sublimely awesome Avenue Q). Some are just random and genius like Rocky Horror Picture show. There’s a fair variety out there and I think it’s a little unfair how some have seemingly high-jacked the musical genre.

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GEEK! The Musical – Part 1

Dr Horrible - written in the Writer's Strike of 2008, it's an amazing film!

Musicals aren’t usually my thing. The whole singing and dancing, etc.. It’s both unrealistic and often cringe-worthy. Although that’s the traditional Hollywood musicals that do that, there are ones that I do find very entertaining. These are specialised in the Geek way though.

I’ve always been a fan of Buffy since the first season and it’s something I find has influenced a lot of other things as well. The first time I saw the musical episode of Buffy, Once More With Feeling I’ve known that Joss Whedon could literally do anything and it would still be amazing. Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Proved this several years later, sporting Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory).

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Youtube Saturday – Documentary advice

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Documentaries aren’t something I talk about often. I used to really love documentaries (I still do to an extent), but I pretty much burnt out the subject for a while when doing my film course. It’s a form of filmmaking which is especially unique. In regular documentaries (i.e. not mockumentaries) you’re telling a real story rather than fiction. You’re usually telling the story in such a way as the viewer is made to realise they are watching a film due to the unhidden editing (using photos, documents, interviews, basically not having a fourth wall).

But anyway, this post is about creating a documentary. So here’s the videos and advice:

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Details in storyboards

the storyboard for Idle Hands - the attention to detail is actually very good

Storyboards can be very useful. They’re not always needed, but when they are, it’s useful. But I hear you ask “What are they for?”. They’re basically for mapping out what will be filmed. It’s easier to do this if you have a location already down and drawn out.

Overall, there’s a clear difference between a floor plan and a storyboard. The floor plan lays out the technical details – where actors should stand, where the lighting rigs must be set up, where the camera needs to be/to go, etc… It goes hand in hand with the storyboard – showing what’s possible, what you need to do to get the creative elements of your shots, etc…

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Getting high production values

The Zombie of War DVD cover may look like it'd be good, but the film has mixed production values, which stop this film from being enjoyed properly. Shame.

There’s lots of ways that you can increase the production values of your projects. But what does it mean? Well, according to Wisegeek:

In the movie industry, the quality of a film is referred to as “production value.” Generally, films with a higher budget will have a high production value, because of the greater investment of resources. It is the goal of most movie makers to make films which are stylish, attractive, and use high quality special effects in combination with exotic locations. These high production value films can be quite costly to make, representing a major gamble on the part of potential investors.

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