Unpopular Opinions – Final Destination is a great horror series

The original Final Destination poster, complete with teenagers and skulls


Final Destination is a series of films that I think are underrated. I don’t mean they should be more commercially successful, because they’re already a great earner, but they’re underrated in terms of popular opinion. From the original concept all the way through to the later films, I believe the idea is both original and a sign of how contemporary horror should be done. Here’s why…

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Youtube Saturday: Getting later

Yep, it's THAT time of the week again!

Once again, we bring a late edition of the weekend specials, and for that I can only apologise. So there you are.

But anyway, I am inspired to post some videos of a more technical nature.

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The Ultimate Challenge: Going from Short to Feature

Hobo with a Shotgun originally started out as a fake trailer in a competition

I’ve often felt that most of my concepts for films can be expanded. You see, I like to build upon concepts – worlds that are different to our own. Part of the problem is that doing a feature is much more costly and time consuming – from inception to distribution. Overall, it’s not going to do well if you’ve got an underdeveloped concept, a concept with a gaping hole or one whose lore is not explained. Virtually any concept can make it to the big screen, but making sure it does well is key.

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Unpopular Opinions – The Matrix Reloaded was good!

The Matrix Reloaded - Opinions may vary!


It’s often the case where not everyone agrees. It can be tough to admit you actually like something when everyone else seems to hate it with a passion, but we all have opinions and all of them differ. People need to accept that. I’ve found that talking to many people about The Matrix Trilogy, there’s a lot of people that didn’t like the second film. I actually love the second film and am going to try to justify myself here.

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The Crows – Part 1 (via My Not So Fictional Life)

Emily King over at My Not So Fictional Life is doing a little bit of experimentation.

Check over to her blog to see the beginnings of her story!

The Crows - Part 1 I’d hardly slept the night before. Rain had hounded the conservatory roof, which was directly under my bedroom window. Each bullet of water had driven through my vague attempts at dreams as they bounced off the corrugated plastic and spilled into the gutter below, creating a stream that continued to trickle as the sun finally managed to wrest … Read More

via My Not So Fictional Life

GEEK! The Musical – Part 2

An awesome film, with sadistic dentist, an unlikely couple and a villain that would happily eat vegitarians!

Leading on from the blog post earlier today, is GEEK! The Musical part 2. Musicals aren’t often associated with geekdom, in fact many of them are targeted solely and specifically at women. Others are very much accessible to other groups, such as Little Shop of Horrors. Some are not even available on DVD (Yes, I’m referring to the sublimely awesome Avenue Q). Some are just random and genius like Rocky Horror Picture show. There’s a fair variety out there and I think it’s a little unfair how some have seemingly high-jacked the musical genre.

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GEEK! The Musical – Part 1

Dr Horrible - written in the Writer's Strike of 2008, it's an amazing film!

Musicals aren’t usually my thing. The whole singing and dancing, etc.. It’s both unrealistic and often cringe-worthy. Although that’s the traditional Hollywood musicals that do that, there are ones that I do find very entertaining. These are specialised in the Geek way though.

I’ve always been a fan of Buffy since the first season and it’s something I find has influenced a lot of other things as well. The first time I saw the musical episode of Buffy, Once More With Feeling I’ve known that Joss Whedon could literally do anything and it would still be amazing. Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Proved this several years later, sporting Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory).

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