I’ll be back!

In the words of Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back!"

I’ve not done a blog post for a while, as you can tell. Things are going on in my life which tares me away from Habitual Films currently. However, since my love of filmmaking is still strong, I will be returning to the blog at a later date, preferably with more tips, more opinions and a whole load more analysis (possibly with more features to boot, as well as the possibility of a blog cast).

In the mean time, please feel free to shoot me an email if you want a specific topic covered or simply to say “hey dude, when is the next post coming?”.


Hollywood and 9/11

The heroes of 9/11

9/11 has become synonymous with being one of the greatest atrocities the world has ever seen. In talking with people I have likened it to being the Pearl Harbour of my generation which is true in many respects. I don’t think I can name one single thing prior to 9/11 that sticks in my mind as much as of this. There certainly are out there such as Oklahoma and Bali bombings but not of something of this magnitude and of this significance. I have a very personal connection to the USA, I have family out in New Jersey across the river from New York. I have visited New York twice and was there one year prior to that fateful day. I’ve seen what those magnificent buildings looked like and feel saddened that I will never see them when I visit next.

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The Crows – Part 1 (via My Not So Fictional Life)

Emily King over at My Not So Fictional Life is doing a little bit of experimentation.

Check over to her blog to see the beginnings of her story!

The Crows - Part 1 I’d hardly slept the night before. Rain had hounded the conservatory roof, which was directly under my bedroom window. Each bullet of water had driven through my vague attempts at dreams as they bounced off the corrugated plastic and spilled into the gutter below, creating a stream that continued to trickle as the sun finally managed to wrest … Read More

via My Not So Fictional Life

Sorry about the lack of posts over this weekend



Both me and Emily are at the MCM convention in London.

Here’s a couple of pictures to keep you going…