What’s with the name?

It’s a play on the idea that filmmaking is a habit.

How many member of the group are there?

It can range. On Unlocked, we had four people in total, both behind and in front of the camera. For Boytoy Beta and Consolidating, we had 5 (again in total). We have since acquired more manpower and we’re always eager to get more people on board.

How come I can’t see your films yet?

We had some issues with Consolidating in terms of music. We used several tracks under the Creative Common’s license, before it was expanded, and now a lot of the music can’t be used in our film. We have still got the tapes of it, so I can re-edit them at some point and put original music on them, but I don’t currently have a tape deck to transfer them to the computer.

As for Boytoy Beta and Unlocked, they’re not quite finished really. Boytoy Beta I’m editing again in AVID Media Composer 5 this time (I previously used Sony Vegas), and I’ll get around to re-editing Unlocked too, although one of the major hurdles is a lack of musical talent, but we’ll endeavour to overcome that…

Can I buy t-shirts or other merchandise from you?

This is something we’d like to do. I do have a plan in mind when it comes to this. The main problem standing in the way is tax. Basically, in order for me to sort this out, I’d have to register as self-employed. This isn’t necessarily a problem apart from the fact that I won’t have enough income to justify it. If I had a regular income from Habitual Films to justify it, I would do this in a heartbeat. Hopefully within the next few years, that may just happen.

What other projects are you doing at the moment?

We’re currently in pre-production phase for several projects. Keep checking back for updates.

Is it just films that you do?

I’d be very willing to break out into other stuff. TV for example would be amazing to get into. If I won the lottery big-time, I’d create a multi-media production centre, including a small publishing house, games development and music creation. I keep buying tickets every now and then, so fingers crossed!

Is it just fiction you do?

In general, we prefer to make fiction.

What filming equipment do you have?

As a small zero-budget film group, we always own our equipment rather than rent it. Overall, our equipment is located over on the first blog post: https://habitualfilms.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/my-first-blog-post/ We’ll add anything new that we acquire to this post.

Are you going to enter any films into festivals?

We hope to in the future, but as of yet, there’s none that we feel are quite “there”. Especially without the right soundtrack.

How do you have time to work in retail as well as make and run a film group?

The job I’m in at the moment is only 10 hours per week contract, so I do have quite a bit of time off. It’s the nature of the epoch we’re in. During busier times of year for retail, such as Christmas, I will usually be very busy. Fingers crossed something good will come of this and I’ll get to concentrate on filmmaking and Habitual Films instead.

Can I see some pre-production work?

Certainly, just head over to: https://habitualfilms.wordpress.com/pictures-photos-and-pre-production-work/ here: https://habitualfilms.wordpress.com/concept-art/ and here: https://habitualfilms.wordpress.com/script-exherpts/

Do you have a twitter account I can follow?

Yes, it’s: http://twitter.com/paulblewitt

Where are you based?

UK, Cornwall, around the Truro/Falmouth area.

Do you really do zero-budget films?

Only in the sense that we have pretty much zero-budget to play around with. We acquire all filming equipment separate from the films we make, so that cuts down on cost of the individual films, while still allowing us to produce more professional looking films. The downside is that we in essence, have to pay for anything we make – no outside investment of any kind. We are hoping to change this, but as it stands, yes, we really are a zero-budget film group.

What programs do you use to make your graphics and videos?

Since Em is the only one with the Adobe Creative Suite, I have to use GIMP. It’s still quite effective, and free. As for the videos, I use AVID Media Composer 5. Chosen specifically because in general, the TV and Film industry still use it, and if I were to be noticed for editing, I would want to be able to go straight into it without having to be re-trained.

Any other questions? Shoot me an email at:


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