Patrick Blewitt: Bio

Name: Patrick Blewitt

Roles: Writer, Director, Actor, Jack of all trades

Favourite Directors: Krzysztof Kieslowski, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Paul Verhoeven, George. A. Romero, Zhang Yimou

Favourite writers: Edgar Wright, Joss Whedon, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino

Previous Work: (Writing, Editing, Directing, Acting, Producing) VendettaRed, KeyMaster, Zombified, FearSquared, NeverLove, MissingYou,(Acting) Travesty, Numerous pantomimes and plays including Prince of the burning sun. Extra work on Treasure Island, Apocalypto and World War Z, (Camera work/Cinematographer) Here be Zombies, Divide, Runner on Victoriana.

Personal Goals: To continue to write, direct and act in a progression of work, in pursuance to the perfection of artistry, logistics and general auteurism. Or something along those lines.

A little about me: Being interested in media my whole life (in the pitfalls and hypocrisies, as well as the entertainment value and artistry), I have always had half a foot in to an amateur degree. I have developed knowledge and skills from theater and stage work, through to photography, and have an AVCE in Media Studies and a HND in moving image. Like I always say, ‘If you have a passion, follow it. Don’t expect it to lead you to silver and gold, if that is why you are on the path, then it isn’t really passion. Follow for the love of  it in itself. Always be true, and even if the world doesn’t see the vision of beauty, rest assured that if you can, someone else will too’.


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