I’ll be back!

In the words of Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back!"

I’ve not done a blog post for a while, as you can tell. Things are going on in my life which tares me away from Habitual Films currently. However, since my love of filmmaking is still strong, I will be returning to the blog at a later date, preferably with more tips, more opinions and a whole load more analysis (possibly with more features to boot, as well as the possibility of a blog cast).

In the mean time, please feel free to shoot me an email if you want a specific topic covered or simply to say “hey dude, when is the next post coming?”.


Welcome, to the world of tomorrow!

The Victoriana logo (drawn by Georgina Greves)

So, having our biggest project to date filmed last Saturday (in terms of cast and crew), we’re even more revved up than before about filmmaking.

Preliminary credits for Victoriana are as follows:


Arthur Spear as Stanley O’Finney

Vicki Stone as Alexis Stone

Hannah Brewis as Maisy Tregew

and Tim Hart as Dominic McWater


Kristian Greet – Director/Assistant Editor

Paul Blewitt – Cameraman/Editor

Emily King – Continuity Keeper/Producer/Assistant Editor

Patrick Blewitt – Clapperboard guy/Miscellaneous

The shoot was quite successful, although it has become apparent that a load of ADR work is needed (Automatic Dialogue Replacement).

But as I said, we’re all pumped for future projects at the moment, so watch this space. But I’ll let you know of a few future investments that I intend on making very soon:

First is a monitor. Being small budget, virtually any one would do. Why do we need one? A monitor helps the director (and other cast and crew) see what the image will turn out like while on set.

A Director's monitor - because good acting can be ruined with bad camerawork!

Second is a copy of Pro Tools 9, though I may have to wait a little longer for that. I’m also not that musically inclined, so I may have to get people to do the music production for me.

The Pro Tools 9 logo. Similar to AVID's other logos.

Third is the Chroma key kit. Again, I’ll have to wait longer.

Chromakey kit - We've already got the lighting though...

Then there’s the field recorder. This will actually enable us to go out and create a library of Foley sounds, which may mean another resource for you guys (we may decide to put them up on the site for free downloads, we’ll see).

The R44 Field Recorder by Edirol. I've settled on this one for sound capture - although it will be a while before I can acquire it

I’ll also be after a few radio mics.

Lavalier mics for wireless sound - good for when you can't get the mic close enough to the actor!

After all those (or possibly somewhere in the middle of them), I will also be acquiring some camera movement devices (A working dolly, a jib, etc).

Then I will be seeking to upgrade equipment, such as the need for a better camera.

Filmmaking can sure be expensive, although so rewarding!


A very rough storyboard - drawn very quickly and completely incomprehensible to anyone but myself!

Storyboards are something that is integral to many productions, especially ones with even the slightest bit of action. It’s often the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways of conveying the angles and action you want to film.

The reason I’m doing a blog about storyboarding? Because I’m about to do storyboarding for my 30 second film, as well as being asked to storyboard Emily‘s graphic novel Displaced (click here to like the facebook page). It’s a task that will overall help to convey the final result. I hope I am up to the task.

I realise that my own art style is far too intricate to be fast (as is needed in pre-production – you want information fast and easy – both to read and to draw), and as such, I will have to be careful as to how much detail I go into. Of course there is a difference between storyboarding for film and graphic novels. The former needs direction for sound, lighting and potentially other directions. The latter also needs to incorporate the position, style and size of the panels – as these will effect the page of the final product.

Concept art that is far too time consuming to be viable as a storyboard, we'll need something simpler

I find myself once again, stuck in pre-production mode. Whilst eager to get on with filming, I do understand, and have even blogged about the need for such detail in pre-production. I will post up the storyboards, either in part or in full of the 30 second film (and allow yourself to download my own template to help you to storyboard yourselves). However, since it’s not strictly my project, I will allow Emily to decide what gets posted up about Displaced.

Oh, and also, I hear scripts for Tim’s Victoriana promotional videos on the horizon. Between last weekend and a month’s time, I will have very little in the way of free time on the weekends. To be honest, I’m kinda looking forward to keeping myself busy, but rest assured, someone will be keeping you entertained with blog posts.

P.S. Also in the middle of designing a new logo for Habitual Films. Watch this space!

My first blog post!

Being new to the world of writing blogs, this seems slightly daunting and yet strangely familiar. Nevertheless, this blog is a way for me to get myself noticed and (fingers crossed) get out of retail (my current occupation), once and for all.

Thanks to the lovely Emily King, I’ve managed to build this WordPress blog in order to do just that.

So first, let me tell you about the projects I’ve worked on specifically with Habitual Films:

Consolidating: The story of one man’s search for love using speed dating.

Boytoy Beta: A woman’s struggle with technology.

Unlocked: Trying to escape a house of puzzles.

Consolidating and Boytoy Beta were made when I was at University, while Unlocked was afterwards.

The establishing shot for Boytoy Beta

Without University resources, it’s slightly more difficult to make really good looking films, but it’s something I will overcome.

The equipment we have to film with currently is:

  • HG10 Cannon camera
  • Tripod
  • Dolly
  • Hague motion stabiliser (handicam)
  • Rode Mic
  • XLR cables
  • Boom pole
  • Stand
  • Pop-shield
  • Lighting equipment
  • Reflector
  • Light meter
  • Clapperboard
  • AVID Media Composer 5 (along with the production suite – Boris Continuum Complete 6, , AVID DVD, Sorenson Squeeze and Sonic Fire)
  • Pro Tools Essentials 8 and Midi Keyboard.
  • Hauppage HD-PVR

Equipment wishlist: