Tim Hart: Bio

Name: Tim Hart

Roles: Writer and Actor

Favourite Director: Steven Spielberg

Previous work: Before Habitual Films: Small acting roles. Actor (Consolidating, Unlocked), Co-writer for Unlocked.

Personal Goals: To write more, Act more and to get my comic published. I’m a man of simple goals for the most part.

A little about me: I was born in Devon though I am Half Cornish/Half West London and am now Cornish by definition, having moved down to Cornwall 25 years ago. I’m creative on both sides of the family (mainly Mum’s). But am related to Tony Hart (he of Morph fame) so that works in my favour too. I have background of working in retail 13 years which has given me a good healthy dose of cynicism which helps the creative process quite a lot (mostly looking at different character types). I have recently discovered I’m quite good at making props and costumes which gives me something to do in the dull hours at work making notes on the back of old till roll with crude sketches.


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