Vicki Stone: Bio

Name: Vicki Stone

Roles: Actress, prospective scriptwriter

Previous Work: Played Josie, Erica, Sarah, Sandra, Indigo, Caroline, Alex and Jessica in Consolidating; played Samantha (non-speaking) in Unlocked; played Alexia Stone in Victoriana trailer; currently working on my first script.

Favourite Actors: Johnny Depp, Audrey Hepburn

Personal Goals: I’m hoping to finish my first script and then move more into the writing side of things – I’d love to earn a living from it one day. I’m still honing my acting skills.

About Me: I have no qualifications in films, and before Paul asked me to play eight parts in a film I didn’t have any experience either. Like Emily, I’m always writing something, in between my day job and occasional acting.


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